Growing Leaders Session 9 – Staying Fresh

11 Jun
Today the participants have been reflecting on staying fresh in leadership.

What can you put in place to maintain your leadership role without becoming weary and disillusioned?

We discussed 5 stages of training:

  1. Personalise your training
  2. Stretch yourself
  3. Work out a rhythm
  4. Keep close relationships
  5. Complete the course

Each participant came up with suggestions on how to improve in these areas, and hear are some of their suggestion:

Personalise your training
  • Continue to meet with mentor after the course (if they are willing) – to discuss ongoing issues.
  • Is there anything you need to stop doing to give the time to get where you are going?
  • Get more biblical knowledge
  • Focus on God
  • Practice a spiritual discipline
  • Plan rather than simply just letting things happen
  • Regular fellowship meeting
  • Pray and push at doors
  • Listen to Him for my plan
  • Words of encouragement and motivation
  • Be open to new ideas including ongoing discussions with mentor
  • Be prepared to share ideas and thoughts.
  • Write the plan down.
  • Share with people who can support you.
  • Review personal life statement.
  • Discuss issues with mentor.
  • Prayer
  • Use personal life statement to develop priorities.
  • Take stock of what you have.

Stretch yourself
  • Find out from God which areas He wants to grow me in and be prepared to delay others for the 'Greater Yes'
  • Don't stretch myself unnecessarily but trust God to give me the strength to grow.
  • Be open to new opportunities – take risks.
  • Seek God to help recognise areas for growth
  • Seek God to smooth the 'rough' edges.
  • Struggle to remain open to further change.
  • Be willing to step out / try new things.
  • Make time to reflect on day every evening
  • Be open to requests for help from the church.
  • Use journalling to remember the positive experiences and lessons learned from not-so-positive ones.
  • Learn not to be afraid of vision.
  • Be brave enough to practice gifts God has given you in opportunities you have.
  • Share thoughts about gifts / direction your going in with others
  • Pray / ask God for guidance / opportunities.
  • Change and development are part of growing.

Work out a rhythm
  • Put things around you (at home, work, in the car, etc.) that will help you direct thoughts towards God.
  • Keep a rhythm of spiritual discipline.
  • If you don't manage time, then it will manage you.
  • Daily Bible study
  • Prayer at same time / place each day.
  • Have time for myself at work – be willing to delay dealing with non urgent matters, until I have time to reflect.
  • Keep a rhythm of spiritual discipline.
  • Never say "I'm too busy for…" or "I don't have time for…" you always do have time but need to make decisions about how to spend it. (Editor: Gandalf himself said "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.")
  • Pray
  • Have a plan to follow but be flexible to change if need to.
  • Complete day off – totally away from work – be accountable to this.
  • Meet deadlines rather than seeing them as flexible – don't expect too much – give yourself more time than you think you need.
  • Plan in rewards.

Keep close relationships
  • Increase our openness to being forgiven – it will help us in the area of forgiving others.
  • Keep meeting with mentor
  • Pray for and look for opportunities to serve others.
  • Be yourself with people and don't be judgemental.
  • Value relationships
  • Show others that you care.
  • Learn to make time for others.
  • Seek and take opportunities to invest in others.
  • Be more disciplined in prayer life
  • Prepare more for mentoring sessions.
  • Be intentional in all that I do.
  • Plan time to spend with others regularly – put it in diary so other things don't crowd.

Complete the course.
  • Be honest with God about our good bits and bad bits.
  • Remember how God has blessed me in the past and expect that in the future.
  • Invite the Holy Spirit into my day EVERY day for guidance and strength.
  • One day, we will all be part of the most beautiful worship service ever! For all eternity!
  • Time to reflect / listen to God;
  • to soak in God's presence and hear what he may be saying for the longer term.
  • Be faithful in the things (little or Big) that God gives me to do as I run the race.
  • We are like children going to work with our Dad for the day. He doesn't need us – chooses to involve us because he loves spending time with us. Enjoy it.

The session ended with prayer.

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